Limited spots available for P&P in 2023... APPLY NOW!
Hey there,
you Bada$$,
Money Making Entrepreneur
I am so pumped you’re here and applying for the P&P Mastermind! I’d love to understand more about you and your business to make sure we’re a right fit.

Firstly, we want to give you a heads up about the types of businesses (and women) that get the best results in our Mastermind.
This Mastermind IS for you if you are:
  • A B2B service provider, Coach or Consultant who wants to positively impact lives through her work and business​
  • ​A woman who is ready to level up her business, stack some serious cash and change the game
  • ​A boss babe who is committed to turning a profit in the next 90 days.
  • ​Ready to take your business from $5k months to $30k+ cash months.
  • ​An optimist with a Get-It-Done attitude who is willing to work for results.
  • A woman who is relentless in her pursuit of being the best version of herself possible. 
  • ​An ambitious student who wants to learn the game of business so she can WIN​
This Mastermind is NOT for:
  • Products-based businesses (not our area of genius)​​
  • Those who are not willing to PUT IN THE WORK
  • ​Those who are not willing to take full ownership of “you get out what you put in"​
  • Anyone looking for a quick wins or silver bullet approach
Here’s what happens next…​
We’ll ask you a series of questions, identify your strengths & areas for improvement and if we think we can help, we’ll provide you the opportunity to book a call to discuss your application further.

We are so appreciative of your interest to join our community, we can’t wait to chat to you soon! 
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